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Often known as tracking or geometry, wheel alignment resets your car’s wheels to their optimal position as per the manufacturer’s original requirements and ensures correct handling and even tyre contact.

Symptoms of poor wheel alignment include unpredictable steering, vehicle veering to the left or right, unevenly worn tyres and often decreased MPG. Given the poor state of UK’s roads, we advise that alignment is checked annually or every 10,000 miles.

For fast road or track-specific alignment, we can configure to either your exact requirements or refer to our extensive custom settings database to give your car the specific handling behaviour you desire.

We use Absolute Alignment four-wheel laser alignment machinery which allows us to see extremely precise alignment data & this is calibrated frequently to ensure ‘absolute’ reliability. All four wheels are independently inspected and adjusted accordingly. We provide printouts showing the data before and after the alignment.

Wheel alignment is an extremely important but often overlooked process, and can transform a car’s handling. When also combined with corner weighting (when appropriate parts are fitted) the differences are pretty incredible.

Pricing starts from as little as £42 for a simple front-end toe alignment through to £168 inc VAT (depending on the number of adjustments required) for a full four-wheel alignment including printed information on the before & after results.


For customers looking to get that ‘perfected’ handling for their fast road or track car, we are able to offer corner weighting too.

Corner weighting will tell you not just the overall weight of your vehicle but how it is positioned within the wheelbase too with individual corner measurements. Corner weighting is an essential part of unlocking performance and consistent handling from your fast road, track day or motorsport vehicle. Using our ProForm corner weighting equipment the goal of the process is to have a 50% vehicle cross-weight split between diagonally opposite tyres combined with a front-to-rear split of as close to 50/50 as possible. Weight balance is usually preferred to be 50/50 however in most cases there will be other options for different drivetrain layouts. Starting with FWD which ideally needs slightly more weight on the front wheels to aid traction at 55/45 front to rear split. RWD platforms would require for instance a 45/55 split front to rear to aid with rear traction however most RWD track cars will in fact have a more 50/50 weight bias in race conditions. 4WD vehicles as you would expect are best at 50/50 front-to-rear split having all 4 wheels being driven.

To enable us to get the best possible results from your vehicle it will need at least to be fitted with adjustable coilovers & ideally drop links too. This enables us to optimise any adjustments made to the setup resulting in a far more ‘tuneable’ set-up. Most people reading this are likely to have at least one if not both of these already fitted.

We would also check & correct where required the tyre pressures, request the vehicle have around half a tank of fuel when delivered for the appointment & also get your weight so this can be replicated in the driver’s seat when making our adjustments to get the best possible results.

The cost of our corner weighting service is £249 inc VAT (vehicle condition dependent) & we strongly advise customers to have a full 4-wheel alignment completed afterwards to further optimise handling & chassis balance.